Surprise your guests

Come up with a hashtag for the event! Now the guests will see themselves on the big screen

Photos by QR-code

Send photos by QR code directly to the screen - without social networks and registrations! The application will generate a QR code by itself

Posts and stories

The app will show content from Instagram and Vkontakte!

Moderation of publications

With one click, exclude an unwanted publication from the broadcast

What is TelePostix?

TelePostix (formerly TeleInsta) is an application for broadcasting publications to the general screen of your event in real time.

Broadcast by QR code:
Allow guests to share photos without using social networks! A QR code appears on the screen, the guests scan it and immediately upload their photos to the shared screen.

Hashtag streaming:
Use hashtags from VKontakte and Instagram. Just come up with a unique hashtag, for example, #Myyubley30 or #Sashatanylove, and enter it in the program. Guests post photos with your hashtag on social networks, and the app broadcasts them on the screen.

TelePostix will make your event brighter and more exciting!

How do I start using the app?

  1. Register on the site and choose a convenient tariff
  2. Download and run the app, enter the key you received
  3. Bingo! The app will show publications by QR-code and your #hashtag
  4. Start surprising your guests - connect a TV or projector

Start a broadcast

at the Celebrations

weddings, corporate events, parties, birthdays and anniversaries

Use the broadcast with a unique hashtag at your celebration to bring together and entertain guests and increase the mention of the event. TelePostix will show you all the joyful moments and faces at your celebration!

at Events

conferences, presentations, PR events, concerts

Use the broadcast for a vivid experience of the event with TelePostix. Make your event more interactive and debatable. Promote your event on social networks. Give sponsors and brands additional visibility.

in a Establishment

restaurants, clubs, cafes, bars, hotels, recreation centers

Use the broadcast to increase the awareness of your institution. TelePostix motivates your visitors to mention your place more often, and shares their impressions. Make your marketing social. Attract new customers with TelePostix.

at Online Events

online quiz games, online broadcasts, webinars, marathons

Use the broadcast in an online event on the same background as the speaker. Keep in touch with your members. Broadcast the content in your broadcast. Increase your reach with a hashtag.

The advantages of the TelePostix

  • Online photos and videos

    The application will create a slideshow from social media posts or using a qr code. Recent publications will be displayed on the screen within a few seconds.

  • Reconnection

    If the connection with the Internet is lost, the application will wait for the connection and continue operating.

  • Moderation

    You can delete the inappropriate posts from the slideshow in any time.

  • Trial mode

    The application includes the trial mode for you to try and test the operation of the application.

  • Simplicity and reliability

    It is easy handled. We also improve and develop the functionality, and you`ll be notified about it.

  • Security

    When you download the application from our site you can be sure that it is secure. Our software does not contain viruses and malicious codes. We do not deceit our users, phishing and steal the passwords.

  • Responsive technical support

    We are always ready to help our clients in any questions or problem. We will help you as soon as possible.

  • Selfie contest

    The indispensable contest at events! Colorful scoring system and emotional victory.

Ergonomic display of publications on a screen

Colorful and informative output of publications with automatic adjustment for screens of any size.

Displaying a publication in the app

Slide instruction with hashtag for guests

The app will periodically remind you of your event's hashtag for guests and additional information.

Slide instruction with hashtag

Selfie contest at your event

By counting likes or randomly, the application dynamically displays a winners on a screen. Use this as an additional contest on your event.

Selfie contest

Customize the broadcast according to your preferences

Convenient configuration in a separate window. Manage the display of information in publications, the style and dynamics of the broadcast.

Settings window

Convenient moderation and preview in a separate window

Exclude inappropriate content and users from the broadcast. When the projector or TV is connected, the broadcast will automatically open on the second display.

Moderation window

Brand a broadcast for your event

Customize color schemes, backgrounds, and logos. Simply upload your own files to the app. The TelePostix app has a built-in cloud service for downloading and storing these files, which will always be at hand.

Brand a broadcast
Тандер Магнит
Аякс Риэлт
Schneider Electric
Orange Fitness
Gold Gum
LC Waikiki
Range Rover
Mercedes Benz
SBS Megamall
Казино Шамбала
ТЦ Красная Площадь
Мега Адыгея