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Can I use one key simultaneously on several computers?

No, one key can be used only on one device.

Will the application operate simultaneously on several computers with different keys?

Yes, you can buy the unlimited number of keys. Install the application on several computers and run it with using different keys.

Why cannot the slideshow display some posts in Instagram?

The slideshow cannot load the posts from the closed Instagram profiles. In this case you can temporary make the profile public and post something.

Can I try the application for free?

Yes, of course. You may simply log in on the site and get the key in your personal account. You will be given a free key for 1 hour to test the application.

The application and the personal account do not show the correct time

Perhaps your time zone is defined incorrectly. You can change the time zone for another one in your personal account.

During the slide show the program is down and now it requires the key

This may happen if you changed the key in your personal account on the web site – enter a new key in the application.

Or, if the key retention expired. In this case you should buy the new access key.

I enter the key but it does not suits

Most probably you make a mistake entering the key. It is important to follow the character case – upper and lowercase letters. Or, for example, you may confuse 0 with the letter “O” or letter “l” with the letter “I”. Be attentive.

You may also change the key for more convenient one by clicking the button in front of the key in your personal account.

Can I buy the key now if the event starts in several days?

Yes, you can. The key retention will begin to lapse only after the activation of this key.

Can I change the key for another one?

Yes, if the key retention has not expired. There is the button «Change the key» in front of every key in the personal account.

What is an access key?

Access key is a unique character string with numbers and Roman letters of upper and lowercases.

I paid for the access key. Where can I find it?

All access keys are in your account.

I can't install / run the application on Mac. What to do?

If you have installed the application and a warning window appears at startup "The TelePostix file is a program downloaded from the Internet. Do you really want to open it?". Just click the "Open" button in this window. Or use the video installation instructions below.