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Download the TelePostix application on your computer and install it – it is absolutely free! Now you can run the slideshow just from the desktop in several clicks. When you download and install the application you agree with the Software License Agreement.

  • We guarantee that the files do not contain malicious code or threats to your device. For your added peace of mind, you can also check downloaded files through reliable online services such as VirusTotal, where they will be scanned by several antivirus programs.
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Update history

TelePostix 2.5

  • new "Start" tariff is built into the application

TelePostix 2.4

  • fixed a rare broadcast freeze error due to unrecognized images
  • fixed an error with auto-playback of audio for video clips

TelePostix 2.3

  • the TeleInsta application has been renamed to TelePostix

TeleInsta 2.2

  • loading of posts by QR code has been accelerated

TeleInsta 2.1

  • fixed minor bugs

TeleInsta 2.0

  • search by hashtag stories and posts Vkontakte
  • added option to post photos by QR code without using social networks
  • for the selfie contest, the winner search mode "by likes" or "randomly" can now be selected from the main menu
  • in the broadcast and the moderation window, publications are marked with a social network icon and the type of publication (post or story)
  • decoding .webp images on a client side
  • app loader optimization
  • file caching to speed up downloads and save bandwidth
  • auto clear obsolete cache
  • determining the type of uploaded files by byte signatures
  • removed search by hashtag Instagram stories
  • profile search removed

TeleInsta 1.17

  • auto-scroll to the current slide in the moderation window
  • auto-tuning of settings when options conflict

TeleInsta 1.16

  • instagram stories by #hashtag and @profile
  • optimized video upload and download speed
  • in the hashtag input window, the search hint has been improved
  • fixed a bug that sometimes caused doubling of publications in the moderation window
  • in the moderation window, the icon of blocked publications has become brighter
  • improved algorithm for updating information inside each publication

TeleInsta 1.15

  • fixed a bug where publications were sometimes doubled in a moderation window
  • display of likes for publications in a Lite tariff is no longer available

TeleInsta 1.14

  • added a watermark in trial mode

TeleInsta 1.13

  • fixed minor bugs

TeleInsta 1.12

  • the option to determine the winners randomly has been added to the selfie contest

TeleInsta 1.11

  • minor bugs fixed

TeleInsta 1.10

  • added the ability to select the screen to display the broadcast

TeleInsta 1.9

  • moderation window
  • posts blocked by the moderator do not participate in the selfie contest
  • convenient output of the broadcast to an external screen / projector

TeleInsta 1.8

  • fixed a bug that caused the broadcast to hang when disabling the Emoji
  • fixed a bug that caused the broadcast to stop when deleting a single publication
  • added the function of blocking a publication or user

TeleInsta 1.7

  • fixed errors in the filter settings
  • added filter descriptions
  • logo and background customization
  • hashtag in any language
  • added search for publications by @profile
  • emoji in publication descriptions
  • display the number of publications when entering #hashtag or @profile
  • display date of publication creation
  • informative preloader
  • ability to reset defaults

TeleInsta 1.6

  • fixed minor bugs
  • fixed bug with loading videos from multiple publications
  • in the filter calendar by date added support for 12 and 24 time format
  • now the hashtag is always displayed above publications
  • added the ability to display descriptions of publications
  • highlighting hashtags and profiles in descriptions of publications
  • The download limit for old publications was increased to 500

TeleInsta 1.5

  • added filter by date
  • filter by number of publications
  • filter to download only the new publications

TeleInsta 1.4

  • added option to select color of a hashtag
  • added option selfie contest
  • fixed minor bugs

TeleInsta 1.3

  • we fixed the mistake with the freeze-up of the images
  • optimization of the memory activity code
  • we added the still image function: slideshow pause

TeleInsta 1.2

  • we added the function of the video mute
  • we fixed the mistake of the displaying of post likes

TeleInsta 1.1

  • we fixed the mistake of post upload priority
  • optimization of the code
  • we eliminate the mistake connected with the loading of the outdated account pictures of the users